Theo James on ‘Insurgent,’ warfare and YA fans

Theo James talks Insurgent, warfare and YA fans in a new interview with Reuters UK!


Actor Theo James spoke with Reuters about his role as Four in the Divergent movie, and with the upcoming The Divergent Series: Insurgent, he talks about the changes his character goes through from the first movie to the sequel.

Q: Where is Four mentally at in “Insurgent”?

A: For the first time, he has something to lose in Tris, and Tris is very different in this film because she’s lost her parents, and she’s on this very destructive path of vengeance. He is trying to temper that and make sure she doesn’t kill herself essentially, so he’s a little bit more open than he was in the first movie.

Q: The second movie diverges from the book significantly. Did it allow you to take more liberty with portraying Four?

A: Yes, we definitely had a little bit more liberty. We still felt like we had the grounding of the first film, and you feel like you vaguely know who these people are, but you had a little bit more. People were a bit more relaxed, so everyone could push the boundaries a little bit.

Q: How was the brutal violence of wartime conveyed in this film, given its young adult audience?

A: The cost of violence and the cost of death are dealt with. I know what you mean, the question of glorification of guns or glorification of death, but people aren’t dispatched with submachine guns.

Similarly the questions of social structure and what information you withhold from society, and how that affects people, and how it dominates them and how eventually it leads to some kind of uprising (are dealt with.)

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