There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #10

What don’t you know about Rue?

Rue in training

Complaint #10 – Rue’s story not being in the movie was a huge disappointment.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – While Rue’s backstory, as you say, was not specifically told in the way that it was in the books, I believe enough of it was told for you to understand who she is.  Rue was also someone for Katniss to compare her sister with, which is exactly what was brought out in the movie.  You see that Rue is sly and can climb when they show her in the training center.  If you pay careful attention in her interview with Caesar Flickerman, he does mention her agility and whether she’s a hunter or gatherer in her district.  And the whole scene in District 11 can also show you a glimpse of the oppression that Rue has had to deal with in her district.  So, there’s as much as you need to know about her.  I believe also, that they needed to keep the focus on Katniss throughout the movie, so yeah, sometimes the sidestories aren’t as detailed as they are in the books.  But I don’t believe Rue’s backstory not being shown how it is in the books is a disappointment.  For non-readers, I believe they understand the comparison between Rue and Prim than the fans estimate them to understand.

Stacy, – Rue’s story was in the movie. Fundamentally, everything that she represented was imparted – her innocence and her ability to go unseen. .

Tiffany, – While it would have been nice to see more of Rue, there is much about Rue that is told in her few scenes if you pay attention. You can tell much about Rue’s personality and what she means to Katniss in how she interacts with Katniss: how she eats everything off the bone, how she initially refuses Katniss’s, how she playfully asks if what Katniss and Peeta have is real, how she sings her four notes to the mockingjays, how she sleeps in the tree with Katniss. Yes, a lot of what that says is implied, but thankfully, the movie does not assume the audience is stupid. While watching the movie, there is no doubt that her death is tragic to us and to Katniss.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network – I thought Rue was a beautiful character even as a movie standalone. What they cut out was a backchat, if you look at the big picture. What they kept was the tragic little girl who even in the short screentime wins hearts. From the training scene till the glimpse at the District 11 uprising, I thought Rue’s buildup was subtle and effective.


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