There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #11

Can we talk about something else other than the pin?

Complaint #11 – How Katniss came upon the Mockingjay pin was a huge disappointment.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – Again about the Mockingjay pin?!  I can understand that people are a bit underwhelmed about Katniss getting the pin from the box at The Hob, however, I don’t think it’s a “huge disappointment.”  The process of the pin will be a shared token between sisters now, a display of a sisterly bond, which seems a lot more significant.  I’ve read people’s complaints about how it now won’t be as meaningful in the upcoming sequels because the whole story of the pin has changed.  It can still be a factor, just maybe not the way it is in the books, maybe better. Or, if they actually do bring in Haymitch’s backstory into the fold, which I can see them not add in due to time (and you’d better believe they are going to have to cut out some sections from the books), I can still see the pin coming into play there as well and still have meaning.  The thing is, don’t jump to conclusions.  We still have a ways to go before the whole story is played out on film.   To be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing the pin come into play differently than in the book.

Kait, VictorsVillage   – When you consider character development, Madge Undersee wasn’t a huge part of the story, so her character was cut by the script writing team, which included Suzanne Collins. By cutting down that interaction, they cut down several minutes of character introductions that would have probably been cut elsewhere were it not for the change.

Tiffany, – The use of Madge as a character is a storytelling device to give the pin significance, and it works on paper in book form. For a movie, introducing a character just to give a pin to Katniss, no matter how meaningful that backstory is in the book, takes up time and focus to show and explain. The meaningfulness of Madge giving Katniss the pin would not have translated well in the movie. Not all characters are going to make it from book to movie, and Madge was easy to cut, especially when movies, unlike books, have time limitations.

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – Cutting Madge was essential in building the more important relationship between Katniss and Prim. Had they kept Madge, it would’ve taken valuable time away from showing how close Katniss and Prim are, and would’ve downplayed the sacrifice Katniss made by volunteering for Prim at the Reaping. You have to admit, Katniss and Prim exchanging the pin to protect each other was beautifully heartbreaking!


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