There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #23

After a while, they’re all just eyes and without the faces, it’s hard distinguish one from the other in a moment’s glance.

Complaint #23 – The wolf-mutts seen were supposed to have the eyes of the dead tributes.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – Apparently Gary Ross explained why he decided to forgo that detailing, and I can understand it given the medium.  The pacing of that part was so critical, that to have them slow the momentum down during that point just to have Katniss and Peeta point it out to each other, and then all of a sudden have Cato rush in and start attacking wouldn’t have made sense.  I mean, he was there before they were, right?  Would he wait until they finished observing the details of their face before he interrupted them to kill them?  Because they would have basically had to give them time and us time to thoroughly look at those vicious faces and make the connection.  It works great in a book because books are all about the details, but not so much in a movie.  Yeah, it would have been cool to really see those eyes, or in regards to the concept art, those faces, but I was still impressed with what they looked like.  Read about Ross’ explanation and see the concept pictures by Ian Joyner.

Adam, HG Fireside Chat – This would have been an extremely costly endeavor, and it also might have caused The Hunger Games to lose its PG-13 rating. My guess is that they gave it a shot and thought it looked bad. And really, there’s enough brutality and viciousness in this film without it. It doesn’t really take away from the grandeur of the film, while leaving a little more for fans who have read the book to think about.

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – I have to admit that I was initially disappointed with the mutts. The bit in the book about using the dead Tribute’s eyes in the mutts was one of the most haunting parts of the book’s finale. However, the more I thought about it, the more I was thankful they left the eyes alone. For the audience that didn’t read the books, there’s no way they would be able to pick up the significance behind the eye color unless it was explained to them. There’s already a running joke on Caesar and Cladius interrupting the Games to describe what Tracker Jackers are. Can you imagine them explaining about the eyes in the heat of the moment? It wouldn’t have worked.

Luly – I was surprised about them leaving  that out at first but now I consider that it wasn’t that bad. If they had included it, there would have been more explanation and time needed for Katniss to realize this, for the audience to realize it and to build the emotions on that situation. The use of the eyes was an element that helped show how cruel and vicious the Capitol was, which in the movie was already reinforced by Snow’s and Seneca’s conversations, by Seneca’s Nightlock scene and by Cato’s epiphany and how he came to understand, as a career tribute, that he was no more than another element in the games. With all those new elements, the idea of how cruel the Capitol is was explained without the need of going overboard with the mutts.

Courtney, – Even in the hands of the most talented of CGI artists, this could have gone from an intense and terrifying moment to an extremely fake one.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network – I did think there was a shiny green glint in one of the wolves’ eyes. Okay, maybe I’m stretching it too far and I’ll admit that did cross my mind, I don’t think it really mattered in front of the assault.


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By Nat, the Geek Girl

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