These Disney Villain Song Parodies About Food Are Hilarious

Being someone who is a foodie and sings about food on a regular basis, I found these parodies about food to be hilarious.

They’re re-written Disney songs sung by villains to be about some of our favorite foods. From macarons to fajitas, these songs have all of the bases covered.

Check out a few of the songs below and click here to see the rest (you’ll want to, believe me!).

“Baked Chicken Breast” (Mother Knows Best from Rapunzel)

Mother-Gothel♫ Guess I always knew this day was coming
Knew you’d dress it with some lemon zest
Soon, but not yet
Shh, make this, pet
Baked chicken breast
Baked chicken breast
Listen to Ina Garten
That contessa knows her stuff
Baked chicken breast
Don’t forget a side, or maybe
Pair it with a pastry puff ♫

“Macaron” (Gaston from Beauty and the Beast)

say_disney_beauty-and-the-beast_gaston♫ Let’s eat a macaron
Share with bae, macaron
Whip one right up for Chef Bobby Flay, macaron
For there’s no cookie as light and fluffy
Perfect, a pure paragon! ♫

“Poor, Stale Unbuttered Roll” (Poor Unfortunate Soul from The Little Mermaid)

ursula-body-language♫ You poor, stale unbuttered roll
It’s sad but true
If you want to have any flavor, my sweet
I’ll have to dip you in the bowl
Sop up sauce and soak in taste
Then swallow you down whole
Spread jellies, jams on biscuits
Or just eat a donut hole
Not this poor stale unbuttered roll ♫


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