Things Get Fishy In “Everything Wrong With FINDING DORY”

FINDING DORY gets fried in CinemaSins’ latest!

Finding Dory may have been a box office spectacular and the second-highest grossing movie of 2016 right behind Captain America: Civil War, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are plenty of strange moments and imperfections to consider and oh, CinemaSins has considered them!

Naturally, the video is quick to compare this movie to Finding Nemo, pointing out some inconsistencies and even featuring a lightning bonus round stuffed with similarities. But more than that, the guys at CinemaSins just can’t seem to let go of how conveniently things work out for Dory and her friends throughout their journey. We gotta admit, there’s a lot of clueless people and “water ex machina” going on!

Finding Dory is currently out on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD.

By Molly

Molly is a proud Canadian who is currently attending university in Scotland. She loves to read, write, watch films, and talk about Sarah J. Maas books. If not snuggled up with a book, Molly can usually be found tapping at the dance studio, or writing yet another essay.