Things Get Fishy In The FINDING NEMO Honest Trailer

FINDING NEMO Honest Trailer offers laughs, lunacy, and a science lesson!

This weekend, Disney Pixar is offering fans a sequel that’s thirteen years in the making: Finding Dory. The film is getting its big debut thanks to the success of Finding Nemo in 2003, but that doesn’t mean that Disney Pixar favorite is beyond reproach. To sort a few of the finer points out, the Finding Nemo Honest Trailer is here!

This giggle-worthy ribbing of the film from Screen Junkies takes on fish biology, parent fails, the world’s worst dentist, major tropes and fans of The Walking Dead get an extra special treat that will most definitely make them belly laugh! Of course, in true form, there’s also some kind of terrifying tidbits in there as well.

FRYING NEMO?! That’s a seafood restaurant we could never eat in… Still, this “trailer” definitely had us laughing at other points!

Finding Dory hits theaters this Friday, June 17, 2016.

Finding Nemo hones trailer


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