5 things learned on The Set of BEFORE I FALL

Lauren Oliver shares what she learned on the set of BEFORE I FALL

Before I Fall was one of Lauren Oliver’s first books. This book captured the essence of a high school teenager and her life during her limbo period – where she was not alive or dead. The story is well written and has gotten a lot of love.

And after five years of release Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver announced that the book, Before I Fall, was going to become a movie starring Zoey Deutch.

After being awarded with this exciting news, Oliver announced that in December she was going to visit the set of Before I Fall in Vancouver and share her surreal experience. Below is five things Oliver learned on the set.

5) “You will wait. All the time, always.”


Though Oliver was on the set, she claims that the cameras were on only eight to ten percent of the time. When the cameras were not running the actors were talking with the directors, setting was being changed, lighting fixed, etc.

4) “Practice makes perfect.”


We have all heard how hard it is to perfect scenes on the first time, but when Oliver was on set she found out that the same four seconds had eight to nine reshoots with different acting styles each time. The actors were trying to best embody the persona of the characters and created varying themes of portrayal.

3) “Wires and boom mics and lights, oh my!”

Imagine slowly traversing through a movie scene where electrical wires and equipment are sticking out in front of you ready to trip you at any moments given. This is how crowded the set and halls were as props were set up for filming. But while it looked dangerous, Oliver claims, it was surprising that there was a colossal amount of equipment needed.

2) “It takes a village.”

Even without counting the extras, Oliver only met around one percent of the people on set. There were crowds of people hanging around on and off the set. These people were helping set up, clean up, put makeup on the actors, and etc.

1) “The script is never final.”


On Day One, the actors, directors, and producers were making tweaks to the script which is pretty normal. Oliver thought that it would stop after that one say, but it did not. Like the constant practice of scenes, the actors were continuously trying different methods and continued making adjustments to the script.

Now that we have had a sneak peak of the workings of Before I Fall; I think it is best to say we are pumped and ready for the movies release.

Source: epicreads.com