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Three added to THE WALKING DEAD season six regular cast

As we loom closer to premiere of The Walking Dead season six, and thus the potential confrontation between Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones, we get to add three more actors to the list of regular cast members on the show.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Tovah Feldspuh (Deanna Monroe), Alexandra Breckenridge (Jessie Anderson), and Austin Nichols (Spencer Monroe) have been officially cast as season regulars for the AMC zombie series’ sixth season.

It’s no surprise that they’ll be around quite a bit for this season at least as Rick’s group seems to want to settle in the small gated community of Alexandria. But of course there are still threats to be had. Not only has Morgan’s return bring in more tension within the community, and more potently, the group. And, of course, there are the walkers, which the community will have to deal with eventually.

For a recap (*spoiler*) of who’s who with the additions, here’s what we know.

deanna-monroeTovah Feldshuh

Plays Deanna Monroe, the leader of the Alexandria community.  She welcomed the group with open arms, even giving both Rick and Michonne leadership roles.  Unfortunately, the transition hasn’t been easy for everyone.  Her character will most definitely go through some darkness after having had her husband killed by Pete in last season’s finale.

spencer-monroeAustin Nichols

Plays Spencer Monroe, Deanna’s youngest son.  We didn’t see much of him last season.  The most we saw of him was when he introduced himself to Sasha in the episode “Forget.”  He’s probably set to take on a more significant role this season since Spencer’s brother, Deanna’s other son, was killed off in “Spend.”

jessie-andersonAlexandra Breckenridge

Plays Jessie Anderson, a romantic interest for Rick.  Jessie has been a major character in the second half of last season and will continue to do so in the upcoming season.  Now that her husband Pete was executed by Rick in last season’s finale, we could see Rick and Jessie get even closer very soon.  Unless she’s having issues with having an relationship with the man who killed her husband.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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