Three BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TV Spots Talk Magic, Curses, and Critics

Prepare for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with three new promos!

Three new clips from Beauty and the Beast are hyping fans up and slipping in show new footage!

The “Magic” TV spot features Gaston (Luke Evans) bashing the idea of a magical world beyond his own, all while we see Belle (Emma Watson) experiencing it firsthand. Of course, Gaston and the townspeople aren’t all too thrilled about it and prepare to attack.

We see The Beast (Dan Stevens) initially being cursed and transforming in a second TV spot that shows how his cruel and selfish ways led him down a dark path. Thankfully, Belle’s arrival gives him some perspective.

The final spot brings us back to the real world to talk about the film’s great critical reception so far. There are quotes addressing the visuals, comparing it to the original, and focusing on Emma Watson as Belle.

We’re only a few days away now! Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.

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