Tinker Bell

So I have been in love with Tinker Bell since I saw Peter Pan for the first time (when i was about 4?). When the first Tinker Bell movie came out I, being the little kid I will always be, went to the children’s section of my local library and hunted down a copy of the DVD and went home and watched it twice so i could properly watch it. It was an adorable movie and I did enjoy it but it was a new Tinker Bell. I know it has been said that this is Tinker Bell before she met Peter Pan and joined the Lost Boys but I don’t think Tinker Bell’s personality would be changed so much unless some unspoken horror happened to her or something (seems a bit unlikely even for the darkest of Disney plots). I understand that many people want to see a happier Tinker Bell but I miss the overly dramatic, anger prone flying fireball of Pixie dust that was the original Tinker Bell.

I also have noticed that the animation of her now looks quite different (not just in quality but in length of her dress and everything). I feel like they have tried to cover up the old Tinker Bell with the new, cheerful, overly helpful and wildly creative tinker fairy that has become the new Tinker Bell in the continuing series of movies coming out (the newest one due out late November of this year). I still love Tinker Bell and I always will but I’m curious what everyone else thinks. Is Tinker Bell still her old self or is this new Tinker Bell a somewhat overly peppy remake of the Tinker Bell that once was? Opinions?