Title revealed for ILLUMINAE book sequel 

The title for Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman’s Illuminae book sequel has been revealed

Jay Kristoff, one-half of the Illuminae writing team has posted a video of his and his co-writer, Amie Kaufman‘s, book tour, which showed a bunch of awesome fans holding their books up and getting them signed by the authors.  Jay didn’t forget to thank those that helped them with promoting the book, along with adding the Illuminae book sequel’s title at the end! Check it out!

If you took the time to watch the video, you got to see that the title of book two is going to be…  Gemina!

Now that we know what the title is, let’s find out a little more about the book with this Q&A with Jay:

Is ILLUMINAE2 a sequel or companion novel to ILLUMINAE?

Both. Chronologically, it picks up about 5 minutes after ILLUMINAE ends. The book continues the story of the invasion of Kerenza IV, and many of the important questions asked in ILL are answered in ILL2, ie “The Hypatia was sending distress calls all through Illumine, why did help never arrive?” and “Can there possibly be a dude in the universe hotter than Ezra Mason?

This is important: how do I pronounce the title?

Soft G. Like so: JEM-ih-nuh.

Is ILLUMINAE2 still set aboard the Hypatia?

ILL2 is primarily set on Jump Station Heimdall, the space station that Battlecarrier Alexander and Science Vessel Hypatia were trying to get to for most of ILLUMINAE. Heimdall, incidentally, is the name of the god who guarded Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, which connected Midgard and Asgard in Norse mythology.

Yeah, yeah, that’s great. But I love Kady. Is she in ILL2?


I mean really in it? Not just a cameo?

Yes. She’s in it. Sassier than ever.

And what about the rest of the ILL gang?

Well, as you know, ILL has a pretty high death toll, and we don’t want to issue any potential spoilers at this point. So all we’ll say is that the folks who survive book one will be seen again in book two.

But the book is primarily focused on two new characters?

Correctamundo. Our heroine this time is Hanna Donnelly, the daughter of Jump Station Heimdall‘s commander. She kinda looks like this gal. Our “hero” is Nik Malikov, a reluctant member of a criminal syndicate operating out of Heimdall station. He’s kinda like this guy. You can thank us later, ladies.

Hey, doesn’t Kady’s dad work on Heimdall station?


So what’s ILLUMINAE2 about?

Official jacket copy will be released in early 2016. Until then, we can say we pitched the book to our publishers as DIE HARD meets ALIEN. Use your imagination 🙂

Is ILLUMINAE2 going to be the same format as ILLUMINAE?

Yes. Just like ILLUMINAE, ILL2 is a collection of documents, such as emails, IMs, security camera footage (and yes, Security Camera Footage guy is back in this book, too). But in the interests of making things bigger and better for the sequel, we also have a couple of new document styles in ILLUMINAE 2. One of which is going to BLOW YOUR GODDAMN MINDS. But we can’t talk about that one yet.

Die Hard meets Alien, with Kristen Bell and Bob Morley lookalikes?!  Okay!  I’m in!  Bring on Gemina!


Check out Jay’s site at

You can also follow him on Twitter @misterkristoff and co-writer Amie Kaufman @AmieKaufman

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