TMI Source Interviews Cassie Clare

Shadowhunters the release of City Of Heavenly Fire is tomorrow! Cassie Clare has been doing a lot of interviews leading up to the release and our friends TMI Source got to interview Miss. Clare about City Of Glass! They are also doing a giveaway you can look into here!



Angelic Power Rune TMI Source: At the time, City of Glass was intended to be the final Mortal Instruments book. What was the most difficult part about wrapping up the series at that time?

Cassandra Clare: The story would have wrapped up pretty neatly . . . except for all the other ideas I kept having! I had introduced Sebastian, and I loved him as a villain, and I couldn’t say goodbye to him: his body never turns up in City of Glass. I knew I was going to revisit him. And after going on this huge journey with Simon, I had so much more I wanted him to do! The thing is, I always did intend to continue the story in some form, so even though things weren’t wrapped up in City of Glass, that was okay. 

Had you planned Simon’s Mark of Cain from the beginning of the series? Where did the inspiration come from?

I had. The Shadowhunter world is so centered around runes, I wanted to tie in a more storied, ancient symbol. It was also a perfect demonstration of the double-edged nature of the power Clary has— creating such an infamous mark showed the Nephilim what she’s capable of, but they were also deeply disturbed by it. Even Raziel was disturbed by it! But yes, the Mark of Cain is seeded into City of Ashes, where Magnus tells them it was the first Mark. That was a hint we would see it eventually.

What was your favorite chapter or scene to write in City of Glass?

The scene where Jace and Clary finally snap at the manor house and just start kissing like crazy. Maybe that’s silly but they’d both been holding back so long and so hard that when they dropped the pretense finally it was a relief for me, too!

What influenced the character and development of Sebastian?

Valentine. Through Jace, we already saw one example of the results of his, shall we say, unique parenting style. Taking Valentine’s ideas to their extreme gave me Jonathan/Sebastian. He was always meant to be Jace’s shadow self. He shares many traits with Jace. Even their love for Clary — if you can call it love in Sebastian’s case — is something they share.

City of Glass was intended to be the final book in the series, yet Sebastian’s fate was left up in the air. Did you always intend his fate to be left hanging?

Yes. I had written a plot for a graphic novel about what would happen to Simon after the events of Glass, which is why I left so many threads untied at the end of City of Glass (where was Sebastian’s body, what would happen with Simon’s love life, the Seelie Queen’s threat, etc).