Facts about Disney Villains that might surprise you

Here are some facts about our favourite Disney villains!

Everyone loves a hero but what about the villains. Disney appears to have a special place in their hearts for their villain and so today we are here to acknowledge not only the characters themselves but also the work that went into creating them.

Voice actors play multiple roles


Eleanor Audley was the voice of Lady Tremaine and also the voice of Maleficent. Hans Conried who voiced Mr. Darling also voiced the malevolent Captain Hook. Jodie Benson who is the voice of Ariel also lent her voice to Vanessa (Ursula in human form).

Sole Animator


Cruella de Ville was amazing only animated by one person. Considering how long animation takes and the incredible design of the character it is amazing to think that Marc Davis did all of the work by himself. As well as working on this hairy villain Davis also animated Maleficent, Alice, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and Aurora but hopefully with a bit of help.

First words


The Evil Queen who gave us nightmares when we were younger was the first animated character to speak in a fully animated movie. Her first line of dialogue is, “Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space, through wind and darkness I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face.” If that isn’t enough to make you quake in your boots then we don’t know what is.

So read the rest of the facts go over to Oh My Disney to find out more about your favourite villains.

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