TOY STORY 4 Trailer Introduces Woody’s Latest Conundrum

There’s a whole new universe of toys out there in TOY STORY 4!

Since the first Toy Story movie, Woody and Buzz have always been all about saving a toy in need, especially when it may affect their child’s overall happiness. Except this time, the “toy” in question may not actually be a toy.

The full trailer for Toy Story 4 shows Bonnie creating a new friend named Forky– made from a spork, pipe cleaners, beaded eyes, and a popsicle stick. Forky doesn’t seem himself as a toy and he’s in a lot of distress, but when he’s lost to the wild, Woody makes it his job to bring him back (he’s got toy rescuing experience, after all!)

There’s just one thing he wasn’t expecting: Discovering a new world of toys that live a free life, not beholden to the whims of children. After all these years, is Woody ready for a different kid of existence?

Check out the new trailer at the top of the page and decide for yourselves.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21, 2019.

By Kait

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