TOY STORY 4 TV Spot Asks “What Makes A Toy?”

Toys as we know it are changed forever in the latest TOY STORY 4 spot!

We’ve seen plenty of new toys come into the mix over three Toy Story movies and many specials besides, but Toy Story 4 is taking that mythology to a whole new level with Forky, Bonnie’s preschool craft project turned sentient “toy”.

A new TV spot for the upcoming summer film starts off with Bonnie creating Forky. While hanging out in Bonnie’s backpack, even Woody seems to think that Forky is just a mish-mash of utensil and craft products. But then… It’s aliiiiive!

It’s a serious surprise for them both. Chutes and ladders– Watch your language, Woody!

The toys we know and love are having a hard time figuring this out, but no one is quite as terrified as Forky himself. To say he’s a little strung out is an understatement.

Watch the new TV spot at the top of the post.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21.

By Kait

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