TOY STORY 4 Will Focus On Love Story

Expect a non-linear love story in Toy Story 4!

Ahead of its presentation at D23 today, Disney seems to have revealed the premise of Toy Story 4! The filmmakers said long ago that the story will be more of a spin-off that a direct sequel following Toy Story 3 and now we know why.

According to Good Morning America, the film will follow the love story between Woody and Bo Peep!

The plot certainly justifies a non-linear spin-off style, especially since Bo Peep was rarely part of Woody, Buzz, and the toy box gang’s adventures and didn’t even make it into Toy Story 3. In the film, Woody alludes that the doll was given away long ago.


No word yet on where the story will fall in the movie timeline. Hopefully, Disney can create a fun, adventurous story for these two that doesn’t involve any retcon for the other films and feels authentic to the universe they’ve created– which might be challenging considering fans weren’t previously given much time to grow too fond of Bo Peep.


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