The Latest Trailer for THE FLASH – “Rupture”

The latest trailer for this week’s Flash has hit the inter-webs!

After giving up his speed to save Wally West from Zoom, Barry Allen realizes he has left Central City at the mercy of a super powered madman. Last week’s episode teased that Harry Wells had a plan to give the Flash back his speed, but at a terrible risk: recreating the particle accelerator experiment that caused so much havoc the first time around.

The trailer shows Barry’s team and family debating the decision, and has some pretty cool images, one in particular that evokes a famous scene from the comics storyline The Flash Point Paradox. Through a different set of circumstances, the comic Flash had lost also his powers, and in a desperate attempt to recreate the conditions that gave him powers, he straps himself into a lightning contraption! The episode comes out this Tuesday, May 3rd, but until then, check out the trailer below to get yourself hyped.