Check Out THE TRUTH OF RIGHT NOW Cover Reveal

The cover for Kara Lee Corthron’s debut novel THE TRUTH OF RIGHT NOW has been revealed, and it’s beautiful.

As well as revealing the The Truth Of Right Now cover, Riveted posted Kara Lee Corthron’s own thoughts on the experience of choosing a book cover. According to Corthron, it was a harder process than expected:

Choosing a cover for a book is tough. Much tougher than I would’ve guessed before I found myself in that situation. There are so many things that must be considered. Will it attract its intended audience? Is it intriguing? Is it eye catching? Does it send the right message and that message is: “Hey look at me! I’m the awesome cover of a book you should be reading right now!” Somehow I thought this would be fairly easy to convey in a cover. Not so much.

Take a look at the cover below:

The Truth Of Right Now

Corthron is happy with the cover, and rightfully so!

The design also provides texture and mystery; it leaves space for readers to fill it in as they see fit. The image is now open to multiple interpretations and instead of telling one story, it’s more of an invitation into the one I’ve written. I can look at this cover and see the potential for everyday magic and everyday pain and then some. I showed it to a colleague the other day and she gasped saying: “This feels like you. If you could’ve made a cover for your book, this would’ve been it.”

You can read the rest of what she has to say about the process on RivetedThe Truth of Right Now hits shelves on January 3, 2017.

Kara Lee Corthron


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