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NYCC Interview: Peyton Alex Smith & EP Brett Mathews from LEGACIES

Peyton Alex Smith and EP Brett Matthews laugh together as they discuss who’s the funniest on LEGACIES.

Unlike Jenny Boyd or Danielle Rose Russell, we know very little about who Peyton Alex Smith plays in The Originals spinoff Legacies. All we know is that he’s a werewolf. When he asked whether he liked the mystery behind his character, he emphatically said yes.

But I think that’s dope because I don’t know my powers just like the character Rafael is fresh to the school so I’m learning that and I get to go through that process while I’m doing this.

Although Legacies is set in The Vampire Diaries universe, I found it fascinating that the creators decided to use the Salvatore Boarding School as the backdrop. Having never gone to boarding school myself, I decided to find out whether this new setting would influence the storylines and relationships between characters.

Yes, strangely now it’s weird but the Mystic Falls high school kinds kind of suck, like they’re sort of like the bullies of our show so it’s weird, it’s very strange. Boarding school brings with it certain things that are useful, that’s the cover story. [….]

Boarding school kids grow up a lot faster, they’re basically in college when they’re in high school so it’s a little bit of that but these kids are also a little bit dangerous, which is kind of why they’re there. These kids have immense powers and given their high school mood swings they’re all capable of murder, they’re all capable of killing somebody accidentally.

Now even though Legacies is technically a drama filled show, Smith and Matthews did share with us that there is actually quite a lot of comedic moments dispersed throughout the episodes.

This somehow led to a tangent between the two as they reminisced about humorous moments of improvisation that happened during filming. So if drama isn’t exactly for you, sounds like you could easily fast forward to the funny parts where crazy pop culture references and silly one-lines will make you laugh out loud.

A lot of times the best jokes are the ones from the person who doesn’t get to say it as often and it’s just gotta be organic cause we don’t want to try and force it – Brett

So no more Harry Potter jokes? – Reporter

Oh no yeah there’s more, 100%. I can already think of just five – Brett

Just last episode, the one that we just filmed – Peyton

But yes, Harry Potter is an occasional thing in our show – Brett

I mean how can you not? – Peyton

Right, yeah it’s in our DNA – Brett

Legacies premieres this Thursday at 9/8c on The CW


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