TWILIGHT 10th Anniversary special | Our top 10 favorite characters from the series


Ah, Garrett.  We didn’t get to know as much about him since, like Benjamin, he didn’t show up until the final book.  However, what we did know about him attracted me to his personality.  He was still a vampire, and not the vegetarian kind, but his bravado and very much everything about him, made me like him almost immediately.  It helps that he’s a friend of Carlisle and that he found that being a vegetarian beneficial in ways, especially when it came to him finding his mate in Kate of the Denali clan.  He even endured Kate’s power when she used it on him involuntarily in her rage after the death of her sister Irina.  Despite his hate for the Beatles, he’s definitely the coolest vampire.

By Kait

Kait is a New Englander, a YA book and adaptation lover, and a Slythindor, as well as a red velvet and red wine enthusiast. She likes to like things. Catch her on Twitter: @kaitmary

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