Twilight Cover Re-do


Chibi-Oneechan on DeviantART has taken our favorite Twilight Saga characters and the covers of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse and mixed them up in an Anime creation that takes my breath away.

She has skilfully drawn Edward, Bella, and Jacob in traditional Japanese style, incorporating the symbols from the book covers.

The beautiful Edward Cullen holds the apple from Twilight. Author Stephanie Meyer let slip in an interview that she used biblical inspiration and made the iconic apple a symbol of Forbidden Dangers that was then crafted into Bella and Edward’s forbidden romance.
Although that was the intention, some commenters thought Edward looked Light Yagami from the popular anime, Death Note.

Bella, in my opinion, hasn’t looked more like the character described in the book, than here. The girl drawn is beautiful, and at the same time simple enough to correctly portray Bella Swan.
Bella is shown holding the flower from New Moon’s cover. This time the flower petals falling from the bloom was used to show Bella’s depression and her fading from social life after the events in the beginning of the second book.

Lastly the handsomely depicted Jacob Black toys with the silky red ribbon from the Eclipse cover.
The fraying ribbon was masterfully used to symbolize Bella’s inner torment between loving Edward, and caring for Jacob.

The piece of art work is simply titled “Twilight“, but public reaction was anything but simple.
“Twilight” received 219 ‘Loves’, 80 “Joys”, and 87 “Wows” on the site. Also this particular drawing was featured in two Twilight fan groups on DeviantART. 
And was featured on the Movie Cuties blog.