TWILIGHT Storytellers Announce the Winning Directors

Find out how to be a correspondent on set of one of the films

A couple of months ago, we posted the announcement of the winning writers of the Twilight Storytellers contest, and now we have the winning directors, which are listed below:

  • Kailey & Sam Spear for “The Mary Alice Brandon File”
  • Maja Fernqvist for “Consumed”
  • Lindsey Hancock Williamson for “Turncoats”
  • Amanda Tasse for “Sunrise”
  • Nicole Eckenroad for “The Groundskeeper”
  • Yulin Kuang for “We’ve Met Before”

This was a rare and great opportunity for aspiring female writers and directors to really show what they have to give and have Hollywood take notice, as many people know that it’s hard to get into the entertainment business, and especially hard for females to make an impression behind the cameras as well.

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We wish all these directors and writers the best of luck in their future and we hope that all the fans can support these films by continuing to spread the word about them.

And if you want to be a #TwilightFan Correspondent and be able to get on the set of one of the Twilight short films, fill out the entry form on the Twilight Saga’s Facebook page!

via Young Adult Hollywood.

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