TWILIGHT’s Peter Facinelli Joins SUPERGIRL

Peter Facinelli is taking on an exciting role in CBS’ SUPERGIRL!

Peter Facinelli has joined the cast of Supergirl as famed comics character Maxwell Lord. The actor is best known as Carlisle, the patriarch of the Cullen family in the Twilight films, but has been involved in several Hollywood films and shows over the years.

The casting choice was announced during Supergirl‘s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con International, where Peter Facinelli briefly stepped on stage to greet the fans:

In the comics, Maxwell Lord is a morally ambiguous character who helps form the Justice League but also has some seedy motivations of his own. He can control the minds of others, though it causes him some serious physical and emotion strain. For the series, Maxwell Lord is described as “is a green tech billionaire who enjoys a friendly rivalry with Cat Grant and is fascinated by Supergirl.”

Supergirl will premiere on CBS on October 26, 2015.


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