Another two Captain America: Civil War clips dropped on the interwebs this week!

Can’t wait for Captain America: Civil War? Here are the latest clips!

The first clip gives us a glimpse of what ends up dividing our heroes. As the entire team watches on, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers argue whether The Avengers need some form of government accountability. Iron Man pleads for the necessity to have voices outside of their own helping make their decisions, while Captain America believes that a time will come when an agenda driven government will send them to a place where they don’t want to go. Check it out below.

The second scene is much more serious and reminds us how nearly unstoppable the Winter Soldier is. The clip starts with him attacking a public venue, while a suit-less (almost) Iron Man, Black Widow, and Agent 13 all try to take him down. It seems clear Bucky Barnes isn’t in his right mind, but that doesn’t make the threat he poses to our heroes any less dangerous.

Marvel keeps on unveiling more news for the movie as we approach it’s release date, May 6th, so keep stopping by The Fandom for all the latest news and hype on Captain America: Civil War!

captain america civil war international trailer

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