Two LEGION Promos Gives Us a Quirky Look at the New FX show

In the LEGION promos below, we have a look at Aubrey Plaza as Lenny, and Dan Stevens’ David talks switching bodies. 

Legion stars Dan Stevens as David Charles Haller, the son of X-Men leader Professor Charles Xavier. He apparently doesn’t know this, though, as he’s been in and our of psychiatric hospitals for years, having been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. The two Legion promos gives us a look at his time in one of those hospitals.

In this first clip, David sits alongside Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) as they stare at another patient in the facility. Nothing is said, but we’re all probably thinking the same thing. (hint: see title of promo)

In the second Legion promo, David recalls a moment when he kissed a girl. Upon kissing her, it initiated a body switch between the two. We don’t get much farther than that.

Overall, Legion looks to be very different from other Marvel-based TV shows, including the more violently graphic shows on Netflix. I’m very interested in seeing how this will connect with the rest of the X-Men universe. David, after all, has some very strong mutant genes.


Legion also stars Rachel Keller and Jean Smart, who both have worked with executive producer Noah Hawley on the other FX series, Fargo.

Legion is set to air early 2017 on FX.


By Molly

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