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Two new SHADOWHUNTERS promo clips

With just under two weeks before the premiere of ShadowhuntersFreeform released two new clips at the upcoming and last final season.

The first clip is for all of our fellow Malec fans and it shows a very different side of one of our favorite Shadowhunters couple. We don’t often seen Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) struggle with “mundane” tasks but any girl can tell you about the challenges of putting on eyeliner. So it’s not surprising that it sometimes get to Magnus too.

But of course, leave it to Alec (Matthew Daddario) to make us go aw when he reassures his boyfriend that he doesn’t need eyeliner to look pretty. AWWW!

Our second clip features a more intense scene from episode 1. Let’s just say that Jace (Dominic Sherwood) is still reeling from what happened earlier last season. We’re not too sure if he was actually trying to get killed or if he was just acting recklessly. But then again, it’s Jace, so it could be one and the same.

By Shannon

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