Tyrese Gibson Starts His Own GREEN LANTERN Campaign

Tyrese Gibson wants to be the next Green Lantern and isn’t afraid to show it!

As casting considerations begin for THE GREEN LANTERN reboot, one Hollywood actor has already thrown his name into the ring on social media. The FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise star Tyrese Gibson has been reposting fan images of himself in GREEN LANTERN gear all over his social media recently and showing some obvious excitement about the role:

Gibson’s posts almost seem to suggest that he already has the role, but many actors take the approach to gain steam and support from fans, so there’s no knowing until Warner Bros officially announces their choice.

Gibson would be taking on the John Stewart incarnation of the character, who is DC’s first major African-American superhero. Casting another version of the character is quite possible, given that DC probably wants to distance themselves from 2011’s GREEN LANTERN starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

It may seem early to be casting for the reboot, but Green Lantern will also be featured in JUSTICE LEAGUE movies. With the first movie due out in 2017, this is about the time we’d expect casting decisions to be made.


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