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Hi guys, before I get to the chase, I just want to say that I’m a new moderator here, and I am starting a “schedule”, if you will. every Saturday I will be posting a collaborated biography on some different creatures and beings. -ryster2000 Without further ado, Tyson. Tyson the cyclops “He’s a Cyclops.”  Annabeth paused, as if she were remembering something unpleasant. “They work the forges of the gods. They have to be immune to fire. That’s what I was trying to tell you.” -Annabeth, Sea of Monsters.

Where to begin?  Well, outside in.  Tyson is a Cyclops, he is an extremely heavy-set build, and only one large eye in the center of his head, which, if your wondering, is completely normal. Percy describes him being afraid of everything, including his own reflection.  Tyson is really sensitive, and cries often.

When it matters though, Tyson will defend those he loves, even if it means smashing bronze bulls into crumpled balls of scrap metal.  He dearly loves Ella and Mrs. O’Clary, a harpy and a hellhound.  He also has human friends, like Annabeth, and a sort-of half brother, Percy. He simply adores ponies, horses, centaurs, and hippocampi. If it is even a little friendly, Tyson loves it.

He re-appears throughout the stories, including the heroes of Olympus series. He always wants to help Percy on his quests, and even builds him a hand made shield that has memories on the front (which is destroyed in the third book).

Thank you miagola for creating this image. You can check out her profile on deviantart here (please do!)

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