Undead Disney Princesses Succumb To Fairy Tale Pitfalls

Did you buy a Disney princess costume that year, then realize there’s about 100 other Disney princesses that will be out in the same vicinity tonight? Show Me Make-up has some gruesome ideas as to how you can become a gruesome, undead version of a Disney princess instead!

UK make-up artist Shonagh Scott took the classic Disney princess looks we know and love and flipped them on their heads, having each given in to the pitfalls of their particular tales to become a bloodied zombie version of their former selves.

For instance, Snow White’s mouth of torn apart by the witch’s poisoned apple, Belle’s face has been torn open by The Beast, Cinderella fell victim to that pointy glass stiletto, and Elsa had a baaaad run in with an icicle. Check it out!


It’s not what we’re used to, but a little gory make-up like this will certainly turn heads and scare your fellow partygoers in unexpected ways!


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