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UPDATE: Unofrtunately, due to a major hack that we cannot fix, The Universal Fandom quiz is no longer. 

There are tons of personality quizzes out there in fandom world, some of them amazing. We wouldn’t dream of challenging the goddess herself (J.K. Rowling) with her Pottermore sortings, and we encourage all of you to take as many quizzes as you can. However, we’ve come up with something that’s never been done before: A quiz that tells you what you are in EVERY fandom! Tremendous thought has gone into this, with complicated formulas and lots of contributors. It was a blast!

Please note that there are two versions: A 50-question test that really analyzes your fandom personality and a 20-question test for people who want to get their results quickly. For the most accurate reading, we encourage you to take the long one, but the shorter quiz works just fine.

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    • Yeah neither the 50 question or the 20 question are working for me, I get a message saying the website cant handle the request

    • I get sent to a “contact support” page with several different links…
      This used to work for me a few years ago…

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