Unlock The Original First Chapter of DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS

Laini Taylor is unlocking her original first chapter of DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS, but she needs your help!

Sometimes starting off a story is the hardest part. Laini Taylor admits she had a little trouble finding the right start point for DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS, the fantastical conclusion to her DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE trilogy. In fact, the author wrote an entirely different first chapter!

Ultimately, the opener Laini first attempted just didn’t work. She explained why on her blog:

“See, I was trying to pick up the story where DAYS OF BLOOD & STARLIGHT leaves off. After the epilogue, that is, which is basically: the eve of battle, with the combined forces of the Misbegotten and the chimaera about to return to Earth to take on Jael. I had devised a plan involving Karou and another character to get them to Jael, but there was a problem.

When I tried to write it, I found I was having to backfill all that had happened between the last chapter of DAYS and the epilogue. Basically: the combining of the two armies in the Kirin caves. That was a pretty big damn deal, and I was trying to SKIP IT. What I realized is that I had to back the book up and overlap the ending of DAYS to show how it had gone down, because it was hugely important.”

Now, Laini Taylor’s UK publisher has a new contest to unlock that original first chapter! Here’s how you can take part:

original first chapter