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Unpopular Opinions: Our Most Controversial Fandom Confessions

When you write for a site called The Fandom, you love yourself some books, movies, and TV. But of course, we don’t all love every last bit of it. In fact, there are certain fandoms or parts of fandoms that some of us just can’t stand, even when said fandom is insanely popular and beloved.

We’ve all been there, right? There’s something that everyone is buzzing about and you just. don’t. get. it. Why does it seemingly work for everyone but you?!

We decided to explore this phenomenon and break each other’s hearts with brutally honest confessions about the media people typically love, but some of us just don’t. If you’ve ever had a similar feeling about a beloved fandom, maybe you’ll understand where we’re coming from!

Let’s get to it!


Kait’s Confession: I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones.

This fandom is so stuffed with spoilers that I already know every major plot point without ever having seen an episode! Also, why does every major storyline seemingly require rape? No thanks. On top of that, catching up at this point would take every spare minute of my life.


Rebecca’s Confession: Betty and Archie should be together on Riverdale!

Okay, this mostly stems from my long love of the comics, and how that colors my views on the show. Betty in the comics is significantly less high-strung, and down to earth. She wears ripped jeans and jerseys, and works as a mechanic in her spare time. She is, by no means, as conservative as she is portrayed in the show. And she does this all while still being a goody-two-shoes! Archie has a tendency of getting caught up in grandiose ideas, and Betty really grounds him, and they really understand each other.



Nat’s Confession: I don’t believe Ron and Hermione would’ve really lasted 19 years.. at least in the movie version.

I know this is a bad one, but I just find it really hard to believe that Hermione would’ve tolerated his attitude after the newlywed period passed. Note that I’m not going to attempt to make the comparison between Romione in the books to the Romione in the movies as the same, especially since I don’t remember reading them all.


Ellie’s Confession: I’ve never read or watched any Lord of the Rings.

It’s too high fantasy for my liking. I tried to read The Hobbit for school when I was 14 and couldn’t get over the fact that they basically grow shoes on their feet. I couldn’t get through the book and never picked up another. I prefer my fantasy worlds hidden within our own, rather than completely separate.


Kait’s Confession: I straight-up quit the Throne of Glass series. (Maybe I just have something against thrones?)

I made it through Heir of Fire (Book 3), but Aelin is such a bratty Mary Sue and I hated the fact that everyone was in love with her. It was practically a five-person love trapezoid! Plus, the melodrama. So much drama over largely insignificant details and so many characters refusing to get over their own petty BS! AND DAMMIT, I LIKE CHAOL. It’s just not for me.


Molly’s Confession: I hate The Maze Runner.

I read all of the books, but Thomas was just such a whiny character, and alienated everyone in his life because he blamed them for his own mistakes. That coupled with the fact that the plot didn’t make any sense really ruined the series for me. Dylan O’Brien is really the only good thing about it.


Rebecca’s Confession: I can’t get behind The Lunar Chronicles.

Something about cyborgs really bug me. It’s another thing that I am sure I would like if I truly gave it a chance, but it’s almost impossible for me to really give it a chance, because I can’t get over the cyborg of it all.


Hannah’s Confession: Jessica Jones is the only superhero focused show that I’ve actually liked.

I don’t know what it is about most superhero shows, but I find them usually so predictable! I’ve tried some of the newer ones like The Defenders, but I have trouble letting myself get immersed in the story when I’m distracted by superpowers.


Nat’s Confession: I’m not a fan of the end of the Shatter Me trilogy. [SPOILERS!]

There were a few things I didn’t think were great for the endgame of the trilogy, including the Juliette/Warner ship, and Adam suddenly forgiving Warner for all he’d done. Although I know there’s a fourth book to the series coming, I don’t desire to continue it.


Rebecca’s Confession: Oof, Jane the Virgin is hard for me.

Are you kidding me? How would someone get artificially impregnated accidentally?? Is she the Virgin Mary? I know it’s supposed to be an incredible show, and everyone loves it, and I know I would probably love it if I gave it an honest chance, but I can’t get over Jane getting pregnant. And the fact that the thing that bugs me is the premise of the entire show, well, its an issue.



But everyone has their thing that bugs them, that just doesn’t jibe for them like it does for everyone else. Tell us yours in the comments or on social media!

By Kait

Kait is a New Englander, a YA book and adaptation lover, and a Slythindor, as well as a red velvet and red wine enthusiast. She likes to like things. Catch her on Twitter: @kaitmary