Upcoming browser-based Game of Thrones MMO named

The upcoming browser-based Game of Thrones MMO has a name!  The game, scheduled to be released later this year by Bigpoint Games is titled Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms.  

Here’s what  MTV Geek says about it:

Those of you familiar with the series will know that the Seven Kingdoms the title is referring to are the Seven Kingdoms of George R.R. Martin’s fictitious world, Westeros. In the game players will fight alongside one of three factions – the Lannisters, Baratheons or Starks. Though you won’t actually be a member of the family, players will join a lesser house of Westeros and align with a faction as they fight to install a Hand of the King.

The game’s playable area will span from the Wall all the way south past King’s Landing. In true Martin fashion the game will introduce players to loads of backstabbing violence through it’s primarily PvP focus. If one house is closer to placing a Hand of the King your guild will be able to defect and join them. Bribes will also play a role in the game as players try to get other to join their cause.

It’s also being reported that a trailer should be released at SDCC:

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms has a lot of potential, but we’ll have to wait until later this year when its released to know for sure. Keep an eye on our SDCC 2012 coverage for the first trailer!

Source:  MTV Geek