Update on UNWIND Movie

Unwind - Neal Shusterman

It’s been pretty quiet regarding where the movie adaptation for Neal Shusterman’s Unwind is at.  But that doesn’t mean that Neal hasn’t been asked about it everywhere he goes.  So, here’s what he posted on his Tumblr earlier:

Unwind is in active development with Constantin Films, and they are very excited about the prospect of bringing it to the big screen—not just one movie, but a series of movies. I’m involved, but at this point only as a consultant. They are being very respectful of the material, and I have no doubt that when they finally green-light the film, it will be the movie we all want to see!

This is good to hear, however, the process can be painstainkingly long, and there are often bumps along the way.  Still, if the script is good (or good enough), no matter what genre the story is from, there’s always hope.

And check out this short film based on Unwind, by MainstayPro!

via Neal Shusterman.

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