Updates From Ally Condie

Just 2 more weeks until the release of REACHED! As promised, our author Ally Condie made a blog post today answering a question and posting some reminders. Here’s the question and answer from the post:

As part of the preparation for the release of REACHED, I’ve been answering lots of excellent interview questions. One of the ones that I hear a lot is, “How do you feel now that the series is over?”

I keep saying that the series doesn’t feel over to me yet, because the readers don’t really have the last book. I know there are a very few galley copies out there, but there aren’t lots of ARCs the way there were for MATCHED and CROSSED. So, right now, I just feel excited and anticipatory (and yes, nervous) because the series does NOT feel over. It feels like things are just beginning…because when the readers at large have the book, that’s when the story starts to feel finished. Right now it’s just waiting for all of you. :)

She also posted a few links.

You can visit our fellow fansite the TheSociety.net for a recap of her recent Twitter chat here.

You can preorder a MATCHED trilogy boxed set (as mentioned in a previous post), which includes a signed copy of REACHED, right here.

You can also order signed, personalised copies of the books The King’s English Bookshop before November 13th.

Make sure to check out Ally’s blog here!