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ONCE UPON A TIME Casts Two Actors For Mental Hospital Story Arc

Dark mental hospital plot to be introduced in ONCE UPON A TIME!

If you thought The Underworld of Once Upon A Time was dark, prepare for a chilling mental hospital arc on the way!

Hank Harris (The Man In High Castle) has been cast to play a character by the name of Nathaniel, a disturbed mental hospital patient who is taunted and tortured by a particularly vicious guard named Jacob, who will be played by Sam Witwer (Being Human.)

Though there is no confirmation, we can assume that this will be part of the Season 5 as the cast is still filming. This would liekly make Nathaniel and Jacob characters from The Underworld. The article doesn’t specify who their fairy tale counterparts may be (assuming they have them,) but fan theories include another take on Frankenstein or Jekyll & Hyde, both of which feature a meek character and an overbearing “master” that slowly devolve into chaos.

The show has certainly taken a much darker approach in recent episodes and this story line really brings some horror to the forefront!

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays on ABC. The show is in the latter portion of its fifth season, but it was already renewed for a sixth.


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