Freeform announces VAMPIRE ACADEMY star to join SHADOWHUNTERS

Freeform has announced that Vampire Academy star Lucy Fry will be joining the Shadowhunters cast for its second season.  

lucy-fry-shadowhunters-3Freeform just announced earlier today that another character who isn’t in the books (per se?) will play a significant role in the second season of Shadowhunters. The character is named Sabine and she will be played by Vampire Academy star Lucy Fry.

Not much has been said yet about this new character Sabine, but according to Variety, what we do know is that Sabine comes from a well-respected Shadowhunter family living in the Paris Institute and has come to New York Institute to visit the Lightwood family.

Has that peaked your curiosity? It certainly has mine, because if you’re a fan of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, then you might recall a certain cousin of the Lightwoods visiting them in Idris. Could Sabine be a genderbend version of Sebastian?! With all the different twists from the books, this shouldn’t be a surprise, because it’s not like it hasn’t happened before where a male character has been changed to a female character, or vice versa. But still, this would probably change a few things, wouldn’t it?

However, it’s all just speculation now. In the books, Sebastian doesn’t even appear until the third book anyway.  We’ll just have to find out and see if Sabine is in fact Freeform’s way of making Shadowhunters its own and separate from the books. Still, if this is the case, then that means there’ll be one more hot girl instead of one more hot guy. Plus, the introduction of Lydia Branwell was fine with me.

Dominic Sherwood and Lucy Fry in Vampire Academy

Dominic Sherwood and Lucy Fry in Vampire Academy

Regarding the actress playing Sabine, you might’ve seen her in the YA-adapted movie Vampire Academy, which also starred a dark-haired and much skinnier Dominic Sherwood. In fact, Dominic’s character, Christian Ozera, was the romantic interest to Lucy’s character, Lissa Dragomir. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if she ends up being the big baddie in Shadowhunters.

But I have to say, as much as this announcement is exciting, it’s probably best that you know it’s an April Fool’s joke! Happy April Fool’s Day!

Don’t hate me.


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