Vanessa Hudgens Delights in the New POWERLESS Trailer

Vanessa Hudgens’ new show POWERLESS follows normal people living in a world with superheroes. 

Powerless is the newest addition to the DC Comics television universe. This show is a different take on the superhero story because it doesn’t focus on superheroes. Vanessa Hudgens stars in this workplace comedy following the employees of Wayne Security. Bruce Wayne’s company makes technology to help normal people deal with superheroes.

This latest trailer follows Vanessa Hudgens’ character Emily Locke, who is a newbie at Wayne Security.  Bruce Wayne’s quirky and clueless cousin runs the company and playing him is Alan Tudyk. They live in a world with superheroes and fight against the villains who try to take over the city. While that is great, that usually leaves a lot of damage behind. From an anti-rubble umbrella to kryptonite glass, the hilarious team at Wayne Security try to make the city and world a safer place from the messes superheroes leave behind.

In addition to showing off the humor and plot of Powerless, the trailer shows some supporting characters. Ron Funches was great in the trailer and I am really excited to see more of him in the pilot. There are DC superhero references such as the Wonder Woman jet and the “bird or a plane” comment. It is unclear if this show will have any superheroes in it. There are plenty of characters that can be used or maybe even crossed-over from other notable DC shows.

This is a fun and new role for Vanessa Hudgens to take on. Her character Emily definitely has the makings of a hero despite not having any superpowers. Powerless looks at a side of the superhero story not seen before.

Powerless premieres on NBC on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 8:30/7:30c‎