Veronica Roth Answers Lingering DIVERGENT Questions For Collector’s Edition

With only a couple weeks left until the release of the DIVERGENT Collector’s Edition, Veronica Roth is chatting about the evolution of her characters, switching POVs between Tris and Four, and how fans affected the books in a new interview!

The DIVERGENT Collector’s Edition is out on October 21, 2014 and will feature 72 pages of bonus content, including..

  • Two essays by Veronica Roth, including excerpts from early drafts of Divergent
  • An essay about the psychology behind fear and the “exposure therapy” of Dauntless initiation
  • Artistic renderings of the Choosing Ceremony Bowls
  • An excerpt from the movie script
  • Favorite quotes from Divergent, illustrated by fellow Initiates
  • A map of the Dauntless compound
  • Divergent discussion questions


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