Veronica Roth officially FINISHED with Book 3 Rough Draft!

Thanks to a great article from our friends at the Divergent Lexicon, we can now happily confirm that Veronica Roth has finished the third book in the “Divergent” trilogy! As Roth quite hilariously explains on her Tumblr, finishing the first draft is only one small step. It seems to be her biggest step in the process though. Here are some steps, as per Veronica’s Tumblr, of her process:

Stage One: Confusion

Wait. Did I just finish?

Stage Two: Tentative Excitement

I think perhaps I did.

Stage Five: Reality Check

Wait, but there are so many things to fix.


Bonus Stage: Realizing that for the next few weeks you are THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BOOK.

Are you guys all ready for the BONUS, BONUS STAGE? Sounds like it’s a year or so until we get to read book #3!

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