Veronica Roth Releasing Second DIVERGENT Epilogue

Tobias’ post-ALLEGIANT life will be explored in WE CAN BE MENDED!

We got a pretty touching epilogue in Veronica Roth‘s Allegiant, but there’s still a little more story to tell!

In a video posted on her personal Twitter, the author shared some big news with fans of the Divergent series:

“I’ve always said that the Divergent series felt complete to me, but a little while ago I realized there was still some of the story that I had left untold. So I wrote something just for myself about what Tobias had been up to in the years after Allegiant. And the news is that I’m going to share it with you.”


We Can Be Mended will be the final chapter of Tobias’ story, allowing fans to see how things wind up for him long after Tris’ death. For now, it’s exclusively available to fans who pre-order Roth’s new book, Carve The Mark, and submit their proof and info at Epic Reads confirmed that a physical booklet will be sent out to participating fans.

This pre-order promo is happening globally, so if you’re not a U.S. resident, your nation’s publisher should be rolling out details on where you can secure your copy soon!

Check out Veronica’s video below:

Carve The Mark hits shelves on January 17, 2017.

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