Veronica Roth Shares Another Photo Of ‘Allegaint’ Manuscript

Veronica Roth Shared another photo of the Allegaint manuscript. It looks like this will be the biggest book of all three!

Allegiant Manuscript

According to Harper Teen’s

“Allegiant” pre-ordering page, the third and final installment to Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” trilogy is set to run at 544 pages

That’s a lot of pages. Compare it to “Divergent” which had 487 pages and “Insurgent” which ran up 525 pages.

But as AT&T reminded us all via slightly annoying commercial fare, more is better.

Today, Veronica Roth shared a glimpse at her copy of the “Allegiant” manuscript on Twitter, and while she added that book three is not completely complete just yet, it’s looking pretty solid indeed!

“Allegiant sure is heavy,” she jokingly tweeted. She went on to add another of her suffering “Death by ‘Allegaint.'”

Anyone else reacting to this site with a “Gimme, gimme, gimme” rush? Sadly, there’ll be no ARCs for “Allegiant” but ya gotta love it when Roth plays around with her fan base like this. She’s had a consistently great attitude since the very beginning, really.

“Allegiant” will hit shelves on Oct. 22.

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