Veronica Roth Takes to Tumblr to Answer Fan Questions!

I always love reading Veronica’s answers to some of the fan’s questions. So much insight!

When does the third book come out?Fall 2013! I don’t have a more specific date yet, and I will announce it when I can.
Is the name of the third book Convergent or Resurgent or Emergent or…?These are the three most common suggestions I receive for titles of book 3, and I can see why! They fit with the rhyme scheme and they could all conceivably relate to the plot of the third book. However, I assure you that me and my publisher still don’t have a title for the third book, and even when we do, I probably won’t be allowed to announce it until much closer to the publication date. (That part of the process always KILLS me, by the way— but that’s just how it works in the publishing industry!)
Are there going to be three books in the series?Yep!
Is there going to be a Divergent movie?Maybe! I sold film rights to Summit Entertainment, which is now Lionsgate. A production company, Red Wagon, and a screenwriter, Evan Daugherty, are signed on to the movie. The plan is to get more people signed on! But movie things move slowly and aren’t always certain, and I’m not too involved with them, so that’s all I know.
Do you know anything about auditions or casting for the movie?Not really— I know neither casting nor auditions are happening at this point in the process. If I ever find out anything about either of those things that I am permitted to discuss publicly, I will definitely do so here and on my blog.

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