Veronica Roth Talks About ‘Four: A Divergent Collection’

Veronica Roth talked about her new book Four: A Divergent Collection with Teen Vogue! I know we’re all very excited to get more of our Four!


Roth’s life really does seem like a fairytale: A book deal at 21, a series that has sold more than 22 million copies, and hanging out on movie sets with Shailene Woodley and Theo James like it’s no big deal. Yeah, that sounds pretty dreamy. But when talking about her overwhelming success, she laughs and humbly chalks it up to coincidence, saying, “It was just the timing. The timing was perfect—right project reaching the right people. That’s all.” Somehow, Veronica, we doubt that.

So if you’ve been having major withdrawals since the Divergent series ended months ago, has she got a treat for you: Four: A Divergent Collection, which hits shelves July 8. This gobble-up-in-one-sitting novel is a collection of short stories told from Tobias “Four” Eaton’s point of view and is definitely a must for your reading list this summer. But reader beware—you’re bound to fall even more in love with Four in the process. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. “This book was really a way for me to give back to readers,” Roth says. “It was great as a writer to explore this character since he was such a fan favorite. He’s very capable. No matter what situation he’s in, he has the resources to deal with it, because he has this sort of strength inside him. He can survive.”

In addition to her book release, Roth is sharing the love on the road with some other YA favorites, embarking on a four-city national book tour this summer with Marie Lu (Legend), Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures & Icons), and Phoebe North (Starglass). She even handpicked each author to join her at the different locations. “I think every author who’s been on a tour by themselves knows how lonely it can be,” she shares. “These are authors I’m a fan of. I’m really excited for them to be joining me!” And speaking of fellow authors, what is Queen V’s advice for anyone who wants to be a bestselling author themselves? Just keep writing and don’t give up. “Writing is all about failure, don’t be so afraid of the failure,” Roth says. “Be confident in yourself and don’t worry about the mistakes. Learn from them, and move on. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed.”

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