Veronica Roth Talks Book Tours, Fan Gifts, and More with USA Today!

Great interview!

Serena: Readers have left comments on your blog such as, “I’m the one at Comic-Con who gave you the handmade (fill in the blank).” Do you have a special place you keep all the material evidence of your fan love? 

Veronica: I do. I keep it in my office. And some of it is great! People make me key chains … someone attached a Dauntless symbol to a silver pen. That one is what I use to sign books. I use that a lot. I like to keep them around because they remind me that people are waiting for these books and that they really love them. It gives me motivation in those times when I’m not feeling very motivated. 

Serena: Do you ever cringe when readers ask questions or make statements about who lives, who dies, who’s a traitor, etc., that might spoil some of the surprises for those in the crowd who have not yet read the books? 

Veronica: It happens a lot on the Internet, like on Twitter where things are pretty public. I try and reply, and then someone’s like, “No! You spoiled it!” But spoilers are everywhere, even in reviews. So I figure if people really don’t want to find spoilers they usually don’t — and if they want to find them, they will. Hopefully the books aren’t spoiled because of a few things you may have been told beforehand. 

Serena: How about when your readers refer to Tobias by his given name rather than “Four,” the name he adopted when he joined the Dauntless faction (and by which he was known through most of Divergent). Do you worry it will spoil the first book for those who haven’t yet read it? 

Veronica: Not really. It’s just so hard to try to ward off those comments. And it’s kind of my fault, because I keep calling him Tobias, so …? But it’s not a particular spoiler. A lot of people figure it out before anyone says anything or before they’ve read the whole book.

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