Veronica Roth Talks FOUR: A DIVERGENT COLLECTION and Shares New Quote

A new podcast with Veronica Roth gives fans of DIVERGENT some insight into new follow-up from Tobias’ perspective, FOUR: A DIVERGENT COLLECTION! The author talks about why she chose to dive deeper into Four’s history, the attraction between Tris and Four, and what she’s doing now!

Was the process of writing a prequel difficult, or did you have the idea all along?
“It was easy in some ways and difficult in others. In the really, really rough draft of Divergent, the first piece I ever wrote comes from Tobias’ perspective. It’s just a couple of pages, but he didn’t work as the narrator because he wasn’t as surprising as Tris, a small, mild-mannered girl who chooses Dauntless. That felt like a really urgent story to me. But, Four/Tobias was someone in the back of my mind as someone who had a story to tell — a story I almost told. When I went to write the prequel, I already had an idea of his history, so it was just a matter of putting it down on paper. But, the tricky part is that he and Tris have a very similar character trajectory: They choose Dauntless and one of their friends dies significantly earlier in the process. So, I had to find ways to make their stories feel as different as they are, which was a big challenge.”

So, would you say that’s why you choose to explore the character of Tobias Eaton in Four?
“Yes, I think in Allegiant, writing from his perspective helped me to see him in a different way. And, it felt important to sort of dismantle this mysterious-man thing that kind of surrounds him. Meanwhile, I love that just as much as the next person. I also think he’s an interesting, well-rounded character. He appears on the page as more of a real person, so I enjoyed exploring his back story. It was good for me; I hope it’s good for everyone else.”

How and why was it good for you?

“In a lot of ways he was the easiest character to chose because I knew so much about him. But, also, his story is totally different from Tris’ internally. She’s trying to become self-actualized, the person she’s always meant to be, and he’s just trying to reconcile with people around him and learn to rely on others. So, that was a completely different story to tell. There’s something really exciting and compelling about that to me. It was also a bit of a challenge because I’m so used to Tris at this point.”

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There’s also a new quote from THE SON: