Victoria Aveyard’s BROKEN THRONE Trailer & Excerpt

The Red Queen quartet may be over, but Victoria Aveyard isn’t done exploring the world of her bestselling series quite yet.

Broken Throne, a Red Queen short story collection, is hitting shelves on Tuesday. It includes three original novellas and two previously published novellas, along with deleted scenes, maps, and more.

Leading up to the release, EW has a new peek into what to expect from this epic wrap-up. It all starts with the book trailer, which asks “What color does your blood run?”

There’s also an excerpt from “Iron Heart,” one of the new novellas following fan favorite character Evangeline Samos!

Princess Evangeline. Lady of House Samos. Daughter of Volo and Larentia.

I am none of those things anymore. Not after today. I should be glad—I should be relieved to be rid of the name and the life my parents gave me. And parts of me are. But the rest of me can’t help but be reminded of what I traded away to live as who I am now. What I betrayed. What I killed. What I lost forever.

“Will you miss it?” Carmadon asks softly, taking a step forward. I shift as he moves, keeping my distance.

My eyes crack back to his, blazing and furious. A challenge and a shield. “Titles and crowns mean nothing here. There won’t be anything to miss.”

But I feel the absence like a hole in me. I’ve felt it every day for weeks, since I set foot on that underground train, put Archeon behind me, and abandoned my parents to whatever fate waited for them. My blood runs cold. I know what happened. I wasn’t there, but I know. And the thought of my father, terrible as he was, walking off the bridge, his body broken and smashed apart below . . . I can’t stand it. I hate it. I wish I never knew.

“You should be going with Ptolemus.” Carmadon is undeterred by my emotional storm, ignoring it as kindly as he can. “It’s the best way to end this.”


You can preorder Broken Throne now via Amazon or support your local independent bookstore via Indiebound!

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