Victoria Aveyard’s RED QUEEN Book 3 Title Is…

After teases and guesses galore, Victoria Aveyard’s RED QUEEN Book 3 title is finally here!

On Monday, Epic Reads began teasing the title reveal for a highly anticipated book: Book 3 in the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard! It started with an image and the promise of a title to come.

It was followed by a slew of hilarious guesses from fans, but it doesn’t look like anyone quite pinned it down.

Now, the title for the follow-up to Red Queen and Glass Sword is finally here and the book is called…

That title is certainly loaded! It almost certainly refers to King Maven, who had Mare powerless and in shackles at the end of Glass Sword. The final scene lends itself to Mare being stuck in the “King’s Cage,” though we don’t know if that’s physically, metaphorically, or both.

That being said, Mare is no damsel in distress and we don’t think she’ll simply be flailing under Maven’s control through the entire book, so this title could have many layers and big implications for other characters. Could it also be referring to the rulers of new nations outside of Norta that have allied themselves with The Scarlet Guard? There’s a lot to consider!

King’s Cage hits shelves on February 7, 2017, but you can pre-order it now via Amazon!

By Molly

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