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Victoria Schwab’s CITY OF GHOSTS To Be Developed As CW Series

The CW is preparing to enter the CITY OF GHOSTS!

Victoria Schwab‘s City of Ghosts is headed to television, but it may not be what fans of the novel are expecting.

The City of Ghosts novel is a middle grade that follows main character Cassidy Blake, age 12, to Scotland with her (inept) ghosthunter parents. They don’t know that Cassidy can actually see ghosts and her best friend, Jacob, is a ghost who’s gone along for the trip. When Cass meets another young “In-betweener,” she learns that it’s her duty to shepherd dead spirits out of the land of the living, but sinister forces stand in her way.

The CW version ages the character up to her early twenties and sounds very different. Here’s the description from Variety, who broke the news:

“…after a near-death experience, college grad Cassidy moves to Scotland to study paranormal psychology at the University of Edinburgh in hopes of learning more about her strange connection to the afterlife. There she meets the enigmatic Dr. Barrow and discovers that her gift is more powerful that she ever thought possible.”

Pretty Little Liars helmer I. Marlene King is set as showrunner for the hour-long drama series, which will be written by Karen Wyscarver and Sanford Golden, the team behind TV series like Bones and Taken.

We’ll keep you updated as more details come along!

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